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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an upcoming version of Laravel. The documentation and features of this release are subject to change.

Upgrade Guide

High Impact Changes

Low Impact Changes

Upgrading To 11.0 From 10.x

Estimated Upgrade Time: ?? Minutes

We attempt to document every possible breaking change. Since some of these breaking changes are in obscure parts of the framework only a portion of these changes may actually affect your application. Want to save time? You can use Laravel Shift to help automate your application upgrades.

Updating Dependencies

Likelihood Of Impact: High

PHP 8.2.0 Required

Laravel now requires PHP 8.2.0 or greater.

Composer Dependencies

You should update the following dependencies in your application's composer.json file:

  • laravel/framework to ^11.0


The Enumerable Contract

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The dump method of the Illuminate\Support\Enumerable contract has been updated to accept a variadic ...$args argument. If you are implementing this interface you should update your implementation accordingly:

public function dump(...$args);