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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an upcoming version of Laravel. The documentation and features of this release are subject to change.

Upgrade Guide

Upgrading To 9.0 From 8.x


The opis/closure Library

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

Laravel's dependency on opis/closure has been replaced by laravel/serializable-closure. This should not cause any breaking change in your application unless you are interacting with the opis/closure library directly. In addition, the previously deprecated Illuminate\Queue\SerializableClosureFactory and Illuminate\Queue\SerializableClosure classes have been removed. If you are interacting with opis/closure library directly or using any of the removed classes, you may use Laravel Serializable Closure instead.


We also encourage you to view the changes in the laravel/laravel GitHub repository. While many of these changes are not required, you may wish to keep these files in sync with your application. Some of these changes will be covered in this upgrade guide, but others, such as changes to configuration files or comments, will not be. You can easily view the changes with the GitHub comparison tool and choose which updates are important to you.