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WARNING You're browsing the documentation for an old version of Laravel. Consider upgrading your project to Laravel 11.x.

Upgrade Guide

High Impact Changes

Medium Impact Changes

Upgrading To 7.0 From 6.x

Estimated Upgrade Time: 15 Minutes

{note} We attempt to document every possible breaking change. Since some of these breaking changes are in obscure parts of the framework only a portion of these changes may actually affect your application.

Symfony 5 Required

Likelihood Of Impact: High

Laravel 7 upgraded its underlying Symfony components to the 5.x series, which is now also the new minimum compatible version.

PHP 7.2.5 Required

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The new minimum PHP version is now 7.2.5.

Updating Dependencies

Update the following dependencies in your composer.json file:

  • laravel/framework to ^7.0
  • nunomaduro/collision to ^4.1
  • phpunit/phpunit to ^8.5
  • laravel/tinker to ^2.0
  • facade/ignition to ^2.0

The following first-party packages have new major releases to support Laravel 7. If there are any, read through their individual upgrade guides before upgrading:

Finally, examine any other third-party packages consumed by your application and verify you are using the proper version for Laravel 7 support.

Symfony 5 Related Upgrades

Likelihood Of Impact: High

Laravel 7 utilizes the 5.x series of the Symfony components. Some minor changes to your application are required to accommodate this upgrade.

First, the report, render, shouldReport, and renderForConsole methods of your application's App\Exceptions\Handler class should accept instances of the Throwable interface instead of Exception instances:

use Throwable;
public function report(Throwable $exception);
public function shouldReport(Throwable $exception);
public function render($request, Throwable $exception);
public function renderForConsole($output, Throwable $exception);

Additionally, any failed methods implemented on queued jobs should accept instances of Throwable instead of Exception instances.

Next, please update your session configuration file's secure option to have a fallback value of null:

'secure' => env('SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE', null),

Symfony Console, which is the underlying component that powers Artisan, expects all commands to return an integer. Therefore, you should ensure that any of your commands which return a value are returning integers:

public function handle()
// Before...
return true;
// After...
return 0;



Likelihood Of Impact: High

All authentication scaffolding has been moved to the laravel/ui repository. If you are using Laravel's authentication scaffolding, you should install the ^2.0 release of this package and the package should be installed in all environments. If you were previously including this package in the require-dev portion of your application's composer.json file, you should move it to the require section:

composer require laravel/ui "^2.0"

The TokenRepositoryInterface

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

A recentlyCreatedToken method has been added to the Illuminate\Auth\Passwords\TokenRepositoryInterface interface. If you are writing a custom implementation of this interface, you should add this method to your implementation.


The component Method

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

The Blade::component method has been renamed to Blade::aliasComponent. Please update your calls to this method accordingly.

Blade Components & "Blade X"

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

Laravel 7 includes first-party support for Blade "tag components". If you wish to disable Blade's built-in tag component functionality, you may call the withoutComponentTags method from the boot method of your AppServiceProvider:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Blade;


The addHidden / addVisible Methods

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The undocumented addHidden and addVisible methods have been removed. Instead, please use the makeHidden and makeVisible methods.

The booting / booted Methods

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The booting and booted methods have been added to Eloquent to provide a place to conveniently define any logic that should execute during the model "boot" process. If you already have model methods with these names, you will need to rename your methods so they do not conflict with the newly added methods.

Date Serialization

Likelihood Of Impact: High

Laravel 7 uses a new date serialization format when using the toArray or toJson method on Eloquent models. To format dates for serialization, the framework now uses Carbon's toJSON method, which produces an ISO-8601 compatible date including timezone information and fractional seconds. In addition, this change provides better support and integration with client-side date parsing libraries.

Previously, dates would be serialized to a format like the following: 2019-12-02 20:01:00. Dates serialized using the new format will appear like: 2019-12-02T20:01:00.283041Z. Please note that ISO-8601 dates are always expressed in UTC.

If you would like to keep using the previous behavior you can override the serializeDate method on your model:

use DateTimeInterface;
* Prepare a date for array / JSON serialization.
* @param \DateTimeInterface $date
* @return string
protected function serializeDate(DateTimeInterface $date)
return $date->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');

{tip} This change only affects serialization of models and model collections to arrays and JSON. This change has no effect on how dates are stored in your database.

Factory Types

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

Laravel 7 removes the "factory types" feature. This feature has been undocumented since October 2016. If you are still using this feature, you should upgrade to factory states, which provide more flexibility.

The getOriginal Method

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The $model->getOriginal() method will now respect any casts and mutators defined on the model. Previously, this method returned the uncast, raw attributes. If you would like to continue retrieving the raw, uncast values, you may use the getRawOriginal method instead.

Route Binding

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The resolveRouteBinding method of the Illuminate\Contracts\Routing\UrlRoutable interface now accepts a $field argument. If you were implementing this interface by hand, you should update your implementation.

In addition, the resolveRouteBinding method of the Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model class also now accepts a $field parameter. If you were overriding this method, you should update your method to accept this argument.

Finally, the resolveRouteBinding method of the Illuminate\Http\Resources\DelegatesToResources trait also now accepts a $field parameter. If you were overriding this method, you should update your method to accept this argument.


PSR-7 Compatibility

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The Zend Diactoros library for generating PSR-7 responses has been deprecated. If you are using this package for PSR-7 compatibility, please install the nyholm/psr7 Composer package instead. In addition, please install the ^2.0 release of the symfony/psr-http-message-bridge Composer package.


Configuration File Changes

Likelihood Of Impact: Optional

In order to support multiple mailers, the default mail configuration file has changed in Laravel 7.x to include an array of mailers. However, in order to preserve backwards compatibility, the Laravel 6.x format of this configuration file is still supported. So, no changes are required when upgrading to Laravel 7.x; however, you may wish to examine the new mail configuration file structure and update your file to reflect the changes.

In addition, the MAIL_DRIVER environment variable has been renamed to MAIL_MAILER.

Markdown Mail Template Updates

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

The default Markdown mail templates have been refreshed with a more professional and appealing design. In addition, the undocumented promotion Markdown mail component has been removed.

Because indentation has special meaning within Markdown, Markdown mail templates expect unindented HTML. If you've previously published Laravel's default mail templates, you'll need to re-publish your mail templates or manually unindent them:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-mail --force

Swift Mailer Bindings

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

Laravel 7.x doesn't provide swift.mailer and swift.transport container bindings. You may now access these objects through the mailer binding:

$swiftMailer = app('mailer')->getSwiftMailer();
$swiftTransport = $swiftMailer->getTransport();


The Illuminate\Http\Resources\Json\Resource Class

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The deprecated Illuminate\Http\Resources\Json\Resource class has been removed. Your resources should extend the Illuminate\Http\Resources\Json\JsonResource class instead.


The Router getRoutes Method

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The router's getRoutes method now returns an instance of Illuminate\Routing\RouteCollectionInterface instead of Illuminate\Routing\RouteCollection.

Unique Route Names

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

Even though never officially documented, previous Laravel releases allow you to define two different routes with the same name. In Laravel 7 this is no longer possible and you should always provide unique names for your routes. Routes with duplicate names can cause unexpected behavior in multiple areas of the framework.

CORS Support

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support is now integrated by default. If you are using any third-party CORS libraries you are now advised to use the new cors configuration file.

Next, install the underlying CORS library as a dependency of your application:

composer require fruitcake/laravel-cors

Finally, add the \Fruitcake\Cors\HandleCors::class middleware to your App\Http\Kernel global middleware list.


The array Session Driver

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The array session driver data is now persistent for the current request. Previously, data stored in the array session could not be retrieved even during the current request.


The assertSee Assertion

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

The assertSee, assertDontSee, assertSeeText, assertDontSeeText, assertSeeInOrder and assertSeeTextInOrder assertions on the TestResponse class will now automatically escape values. If you are manually escaping any values passed to these assertions you should no longer do so. If you need to assert unescaped values, you may pass false as the second argument to the method.

The TestResponse Class

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\TestResponse class has been renamed to Illuminate\Testing\TestResponse. If you're extending this class, make sure to update the namespace.

The Assert Class

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

The Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Assert class has been renamed to Illuminate\Testing\Assert. If you're using this class, make sure to update the namespace.


The different Rule

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

The different rule will now fail if one of the specified parameters is missing from the request.


We also encourage you to view the changes in the laravel/laravel GitHub repository. While many of these changes are not required, you may wish to keep these files in sync with your application. Some of these changes will be covered in this upgrade guide, but others, such as changes to configuration files or comments, will not be. You can easily view the changes with the GitHub comparison tool and choose which updates are important to you.